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By Law, a conviction for a Traffic violation can have drastic effects on your employment as a Commercial Driver (CDL). The key here is the word “CONVICTION”. Section 522 of the Transportation Code provides that a conviction for a CDL includes “…a plea of guilty or nolo contendre [no contest] accepted by the court…[and] the payment of fines or court costs”.

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What does this mean to a CDL? A normal driver would be able to accept a plea of no contest for defensive driving or for deferred adjudication, deferring a finding of guilt, and preventing any conviction on their record. However, Section 522 of the Transportation Code effectively changes that language for CDL’s, creating a situation where you CANNOT take a driver safety course, defensive driving or a deferred adjudication plea. The Texas Legislature figuratively “handcuffs” the CDL Driver from keeping a traffic violation off his or her driving record.

What will this do to a CDL? Under Section 522, Subchapter H, of the Transportation Code, provides that a traffic violation CONVICTION can DISQUALIFY a CDL Driver from driving a commercial motor vehicle for no less than sixty (60) days, one-hundred and twenty (120) days, one (1) year, three (3) years, or even for his or her ENTIRE LIFE.

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Unlike most people, you cannot afford to have a conviction. YOUR CDL = YOUR JOB = YOUR MONEY = YOUR FAMILY & LIFE. Our Attorneys know what you are up against…AND WE CAN HELP. | The Mohr Law Firm, PLLC

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