Suspended or Revoked Drivers License in San Antonio

Why was I denied the renewal of my Texas Driver’s License?

You may have lost the right to your Driver’s License for a variety of reasons, not limited to the following:

-Administrative Suspensions (Chapter 524 of the Texas Transportation Code): You receive these suspensions for Failing to Pass Tests for Intoxication and Refusing to take Tests for Intoxication. They begin on the 40th day after you receive notice of suspension or are presumed to have received notice. However, you have the right to contest and appeal these suspensions at an Administrative License Revocation Hearing. To do this, you need to assert your right to a hearing WITHIN fifteen (15) days after the date you received notice or were presumed to have received notice.

-Failure to Pay Surcharges: If you fail to pay surcharges (as covered elsewhere in our Q&A), DPS will deny your right to renew your license. To overcome this penalty, you will be forced to pay all of your outstanding surcharges or get caught up on your payment plan with DPS, and you will most likely encounter additional expenses, such as reinstatement costs and administrative fees.

-Judicially Ordered Suspension: If you received a conviction on a criminal case, and a term of your sentence, probation or deferred adjudication was a suspension, DPS will invalidate your license by the judicial decree until the expiration of that time frame. We typically see suspension periods from 90 days upwards of 1-2 years.

-Failing to Appear for Court: If you fail to appear for a court date, where you received valid notice, AND the court participates in the Omnibase Services of Texas (see for a list of participants), DPS will deny the renewal of your Texas Driver’s License until you resolve your cases. Omnibase and DPS were granted this power under Chapter 706 of the Texas Transportation Code. Typically can expect to receive some paper notice from DPS identifying what courts are preventing the renewal of your license and what charges/costs you are facing in those courts. This paper document is almost always entitled “Notice of Denial of Renewal of Texas Driver’s License”. It does not mean your license is invalidated, but that you will not be able to renew your license at the expiration period stamped on your license.

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